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Coldren's Prison by Kevin Gen - Book cover


Had it not been the worst f*cking day of my life, I would have woken up to the smell of fresh-roasted coffee, bread straight out of the oven, and birds chirping as if I were living in one of those nauseating happily-ever-after fairy tales.

Instead, I woke up in a dark room, with my arms chained to a wall and blood gushing down my face. Stained clothes and an immense pounding in my head caused concern for my longevity. I had no idea who put me there, nor why they left me in this state. The only way I had a chance to get out was to pull myself together and consider who hated my guts enough to lock me up like this. Admittedly, I made a couple dozen enemies in my life who wouldn’t mourn my death and one of them has made this eerily personal. The big question is, who?

Amazon reviews:

⭐⭐  Very intriguing and thrilling, I couldn’t stop reading.

 A different take on a psychological thriller, in a genre that is too often the same.

                              The ending…wow.


Kevin was born and raised in the Netherlands. He started writing stories at the age of eleven, intrigued by mystery and crime books. He went on to write for a variety of websites and magazines before turning his hand to thrillers. Coldren’s Prison is his debut novel.

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